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As part of our goal to make things easier for you and your family, this page is a great resource for other help that you might need. The recommendations have come from clients, staff, or our own positive experiences with other local and small businesses that want to make a difference too.

Beyond this, there are a few government resources that we found helpful while trying to help family members through illness or disability. 

The opinions are our own. We don’t receive any compensation and have not been asked to mention any of the companies; these are simply things that we have found useful in our lives which we wanted to share.

Hopefully they will be of use to you as well. At Girl Friday, we are here to help.


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*We caution you to speak to your doctor, a licensed medical practitioner or a veterinarian who can help you in selecting a course of action that is best for you, your loved ones, or your pets. The above is for informational purposes only and we are in no way endorsed to make these recommendations.