To our valued clients,

At Girl Friday we care about you and making sure we are all on the same page with all this COVID-19 information. I would like to give you updates on what we are doing as a team.

  1. We are still helping some clients with their cleaning. However, we have had to cancel some appointments primarily because of their current health situation. Together we are making the choice to not go into their home, which is understandable. Also, when we do client reminders we are communicating this.
  2. Any staff that are not well have been sent home and are self-isolating for a minimum 14 days, even if they have or have not been tested for COVID-19, we are not taking the chance. Staff have been instructed that if they feel unwell, they are to notify the office immediately before heading out to clients following their schedules.
  3. The staff that are working are taking extra precautions – stay within 1 metre of anyone in home or business, gloves for all cleaning, washing hands with soap frequently throughout the clean. Some are wearing masks. In addition, obviously, we still follow our proper cleaning guidelines at Girl Friday.
  4. Yes, we do use environmentally friendly products, however we have added extra stronger products for cleaning disinfection and still using our regular Oxygenic (Hydrogen Peroxide) product. These extra products are (Q-128, Refresh Peroxide cleaner)
  5. No, we are still not using bleach, Lysol, Mr. Clean cleaners or anything that contains heavy chemical components which is very harmful to staff using it and clients. This is a whole other problem if we start doing that.
  6. If you would like to cancel any services until further notice or you are in self-isolation, please let the office know. We are all on the same page with containing this outbreak.

If you are needing any help to have items delivered to your home…groceries…medication and you are unable to pickup yourself or have anyone available to help, please call the office. We are here to help and we can leave at your door. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE TO DELIVER AT THIS TIME as we want to help those in need.